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I will be honest- I am a terribly forgetful person. If my head was detachable, I’d lose it in approximately 2.5 seconds. As such, I rarely journal for an extended period of time. This blog may fall to the wayside. It may become as dead as a Christmas goose the day after Santa comes. But I am also an optimistic person (at times) as well as voyeuristic (at times). Why is this important, you may ask? Because I perform better when I am watched by others. Plain and simple.

My vision for this blog is deceptively simple. I hope to integrate some, if not all, of the disparate bits of my life and figure out how they manage to mesh into me. I would rather read myself than look at myself any day, so it is here that I will plot out myself. Along the way, if anyone finds inspiration or a moment of understanding, all the better. As such, I may post about my religious experiences right next to an Orgasmic Cheesecake recipe; its all the same. I may cuss at times. I may write poetry at times. Sometimes, I do both at the same time. I highly doubt I will ever map all of myself out because as soon as I wrestle a bit of myself into clarity, last week’s mental conquest is rolling happily in the mud.

Such is life.

I suppose I should mention a few things about this week’s me. I am tall-ish (probably 5′ 8”, last time I checked), fat (precise numbers? hell no), female (heterosexual in a committed relationship), and redheaded. I have heterochromy; one eye is blue, the other hazel. I am pagan and quite happy to avoid as many of the associated labels as I can. They tend to stick in unhappy places and require very hot water to melt the glue. I am a potter, not a sculptor. Even when I make a statue or something, I’d rather be on a wheel. I am a writer, of stories and of poetry. I read good fanfiction, and laugh at bad fanfiction. My imagination runs away without me sometimes, and then I have to explain why I’m singing Alice Cooper’s “Poison” to the chickens. I live on a semi-farm with many animals. Our goats are due to pop next week. I tend to dabble my way through various things until something catches me and carries me off (ceramics, I’m looking at your muddy little ass). I don’t hug trees, but I do pet moss.

Hmmm….. I think that’s a decent start. See ya’ll next time, oh ye merry internetz.


P.S. Until I settle on a background, expect it to change. I’m having problems finding an image I can live with.