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Gah, time flies. The year is already a twelfth of the way over.

Here, as promised to my fellow ritual group, is the write up for my Lady of the Stars ritual. There’s not much to tell, since I can’t trance worth a fiddler’s fart, but I did have some nice insights.

Note- Due to some faulty underwear and a passing “oh, what the hell” moment, I was nekkid for this. I might have to try it again in the future, because I got some good results.

I followed Ali’s ritual pretty much down to the letter. I wrote out the important bits in a journal so I could have a script. The altar had 5 important candles and one to read with. One candle was floating in water with a sheep figurine behind it (tis the reason for the season, don’t ya know). Beyond a water pitcher I made and a lighter for candles, that was it. It was a very simple altar, especially considering what I normally put together.

I was going good with nothing special until I got to “Lady of the Starfire, speak to me, speak to me!” The last stanza we were supposed to repeat? I gave it a tune and hummed it until my head buzzed. I didn’t trance, but I did have an interesting epiphany- the candle flame is what creates the darkness. Without it, how would we know there was any darkness? This was reinforced when the ritual was over, when I blew out the candles. Suddenly, without the fire, it was so much…. lighter. I fear a later entry will come from this…

Anyway, back to ritual. After the humming, I was acting floofy. I have never been drunk or stoned, but I think I was buzzed. Because of that, when I went to divine, I went with the flow. Instead of pulling 2 cards a person, I was pulling 3 cards and a runestone. I still have to finish that, but preliminary work is looking good (and by good, I mean creepy-accurate). When I finished, I wobbled out with a goofy grin on my face. My boyfriend made a reasonable assumption, i.e. naked with a silly grin on my face, but I didn’t feel sexual. Tired yes, and cuddly, but not jump-your-bones horny. Makes sense though. I was doing a lot more energetic work than I normally do. But him noticing it gives me hope that the woo-woo stuff and he are not totally incompatible.

I know that this probably wasn’t the most interesting of posts or rituals, but its kind of a big one for me, really. That floofy feeling is new and reassuring (I’m not nuts, I swear!). My imagination is quite sufficient to populate a whole universe’s worth of visions, but not an actual bodily reaction.

Baby steps FTW!