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First posted on the Cauldron in late November, 2010. Copyright is held by me, ask before you swipe.

A Goddess Poem

I am a spark upon the water.
I dance across the deep.
Heavens held within my hair,
earth around my feet.
A Mystery, a Changeling,
I walk between the worlds;
I hold my Beloved in my Hands,
and watch their lives unfurl.

The first step is the hardest,
the second one less so.
Soon they dance like lambs,
frisking to and fro.
And when they fall down,
sleeping once again,
I gather them up gently
in my golden hands.

I take them to the Fire That Burns Upon The Water.
(Oh how sweet they are, every son and daughter)
When their dream ignites and the form falls away
we jump into the Fire and never lose the Way.

For though I am only Me,
and you are only you,
We are both Each other,
And all of this is True.