First Posted on the Cauldron in March, 2010.

Shed my skin feel it slip away turn into a silver’d shape unidentifiable
Dart through the air on membrane wings, see the spaces where God sings
Turn the world in a claw and let it fall away back into its home
I spin. I weave. I am.
I turn. I shape. I create.
I am what I am. I remake.
Take the common soil, change it.
Take the tiny tendrils, strengthen it.
Take this, my heart, my dearest one,
Take it and see what it will become.
Will it fly? Will it die? Will you stand up and try?
Shed your skin, little one, slip out in a jewel-tone body and let the world hear your cry.
Sing to angels, sing to fey, sing to loved and hated and all those in between.
Hold the world in your hand and help it turn.
Guide the people in your heart and help them learn
The way out of their skin and into the sky,
A pleasure so exquisite, to know it is to fly.