First posted on the Cauldron in January, 2011. Copyright is held by me, ask before you “borrow”.


Strands that move and strands that sing.
The strand is a loop is a line is everything.
When a dot is a line
And the line is time
Do we stand still in our dot
Move along the string
Or oscillate like a peacock’s tail
Shimmering with lust…..

Now, I think, is the time to tell
Of many Wondrous things
Of the soft purr of a cat
Of a fire’s warm glow
Of the galaxy Bursting into Life right now
Of the last breath of a Dying man.

Do I speak, if I speak, of
What is
What was
What will be
What never ever happened?
Ah, such is the nature of the beast
A Lie is a Truth, for it is most definitely what it is Not
This is a Truth that never was
Yet if I tell of it, it will be.

I met a man one day
He took off his clothes and made love to me
He stepped out of his skin, put mine on,
And I loved her the whole night through
A dot is a line is a place is a time
And though we may never
Be in the same place
Be in the same time
We kiss each other in the dark
Our electron clouds shiver
Part for places unknown and forgotten.

This is a God, they whisper,
A fever in the brain that takes awake the shutters
Here the Old Ones dwell
Godzilla razes towns
Primordial fear of something so big that to be killed by it
Is Nothing.
Swell my loves.
Swell up and up and up
Like poison in a wound
Gangrenous pride giving you power.
But here is a Truth I may say, may show
At the Angle of Eternity
Your Tesseract of Might
Is a Dot.
Nothing more.
The Beginning.
The Ending.
Nothing more.