First posted at the Cauldron December, 2010. Copyright is mine, ask before using.

The Whispering Goddess

“Come to me.”
“Learn of me.”
“Let me inside.”

Whispers that tease and tingle, mix and mingle
Words that start a Revolution.
The Voice of the Goddess would burn you
So She whispers instead.


A nudge here, a prod there, spoken so softly
You’d never know it was there but for the Echo.
It pings in the mind like a beacon,
Calling… calling…

“Hush now.”
“Rest now.”
“Dream now.”

When the mind is still and the body quiet
A gentle susurrus of silence
Filled with words you cannot understand
But wish so desperately that you could.

“I am here with you.”
“I will not leave you.”
“I will light your way.”