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We are having a daily or weekly meditation prompt in the Lady of the Stars group I belong to. I’m taking meditation to mean pondering is ok too, since me and meditation never get much farther than close-my-eyes.

The prompt from W.-

There’s … the many stars that guide us
We have some of them inside us- quoted from Dar Williams: Mercy of the Fallen


I know it sounds weird, but my first thought was of the last series in Sailor Moon (the one with the Cauldron that creates the universe). It is revealed that everyone in the universe is a “Sailor Scout” because we all have/are stars. A star seed (which is what allows the transformation, in the manga) lives in every living being. We all protect our own inner star. Call it a divine spark or the seed of life, but whatever it is, it is what allows us to be what we are. In the Cauldron, there is no difference between star seeds; you may be a sister to the Betelgeuse star, or siblings with a whole nebulae. Some stars “awaken”, some do not. But we all shine.

That was another image that inspired me, a great moving, cycling spiral of many pinpricks of light. It didn’t matter if you were an evil person or wished to destroy the Cauldron itself. Once you were in there, all you were was a point of light. It is a great and terrible idea, for there can be no love or hate in the all-encompassing light. Only eternal, drifting movement.

It got me thinking. If we do have a star inside of us, why then do some people do terrible, nasty things? An unthinking fate? A series of bad choices? Do they really need some sort of karmic lesson based on a previous go-round? If so, there will never be an end to a karmic wheel. It’d be a spiritual avalanche for eternity, this life setting off that life and so on and so forth.

My theory is that the stars inside of us need to learn, to become wise. What else is there to do in eternity but learn? So, they are born as something else. A tree, a human, a planet, a star. They experience it, build up a crystalline structure that defines who we are. That is what we think of when we think of ourselves; a crystalline structure inhabited and experienced by a seed of light. The star seed leaves the eternal dance of light, shoots off into the darkness, and learns. It returns to the Cauldron with something new to assimilate before it runs off into the darkness again. I’m not sure what happens to the crystalline structure once the star leaves (beyond death, of course). Part of our personality is part of the star, yet not all of it. We *as ourselves* do not go on, but maybe that structure stays as ancestors or ghosts, perhaps.

I need to think about this some more. But something here is tickling my brain, so I leave this as my record and ponder some more in my head. Hope somebody catches a lightbulb 😉