…how I love thee so.

I fired 2 kilns today. One, raku, that I’ve done before was no huge deal. The flashing didn’t go as strong as I had hoped, but the clarity and colors were superb. I got one ghost, one pregnant torso, one alien thingie, and Hootie and the Blowfish out with only minor burns and mild hair singeing (why yes, I am the one stupid enough to try to pick up red hot brick bare-handed. However could you tell?). My friend’s dragon smoked beautifully and I didn’t drop it. Woot for me ^_^

Ah, but the other kiln… the reduction kiln… that was a labor of love. George, you handsome devil you, I do so adore thee (I forgive you for letting Chris play with your knobs, I swear I do). So much work for the chance at brilliant reds, blushing shinos, and a dark clay body. Sitting there from 7 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon, carefully adjusting, poking, arguing with my co-kiln slave about the finer points of neutral atmosphere… It is most definitely worth it. On Friday we will open you, darling George (and hopefully have enough cart space to unload Bob as well. Peter didn’t have enough of a load yet, poor thing) and plunder your sweet sweet insides of all their pottery glory.

Transformation by fire, in the light of a dragon’s spine. Thus do we change; thus do we create. From clay to stone I have made thee.

Make me proud.