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Sorry for the wait, I was entertaining my boyfriend’s family for a week or so (went to San Francisco and a reservoir and ate out more than we normally do in an entire month) and just didn’t have time to think of anything to post. It was a great Spring Break, but I needed a bit of time to just chill out.

And now, properly refrigerated due to a cold snap and some thunderstorms, I am ready to do a few projects that have been percolating for a while. If I write them down, then they have to get done, right?


  1. Do the “What is the Lady of the Stars?” prompt from the group at the Cauldron. I won’t say more yet because most of my hits come from the group and it kinda defeats the purpose to wait until the first of May to post stuff if you get a preview here. (I see you there! No peeking!)
  2. Train myself to trance while holding/sleeping with the Hallucinogenic Crocodillagator. I knew I bought him for a reason. I can’t trance myself reliably at all. But I do know the theory of training myself to respond to a specific trigger, so I hope to make the tie-dye plushie a valuable magical aid. Besides, he has a Name. It’s bad juju to ignore a Name.
  3. Work with the animal spirits embodied in the plushies I have found. Somebody gave a shitload of realistic plushies to my favorite thrift/secondhand store and I’ve been buying the ones I like. Some already have personalities attached (and the owl is slated for a temporary spirit doll for the Owl), but the others were kinda in limbo. Thus the plan. Since I am a tactile person, if I hold and touch something, it becomes more real for me. My ultimate plan involves some hedgecrossing with them (I mean, would you turn down a chance to ride a musk ox up an otherworld mountain?). Its a facet of my work I have ignored for too long in favor of easier pursuits. I will remedy that.
  4. Do some alchemy and herbcraft. I have discovered the joys of non- chemical incense additives to make them burn (such as makko and the Indian equivalent). As such, I want to make some homemade incense. I’ve been dancing around attempting a batch of kyphi as well. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve tried to make interesting things out of plants (i.e., collecting and drying lawn mushrooms, turning my playhouse into a half-assed distillery, etc.), and I’ve had some decent successes. I have some jars of special powders and such, but I have the urge to ramp up production. A lot. I want to make teas and oils and powders and incense and balms and salves. I want to decocte, decant, distill, and devour the fruits of my labor. And with summer coming up, I should have the time to do such delicious activities. I’m gonna need more jars….
  5. Pour some candles. It needs to be done soon. I’m drowning in little scraps of wax.
  6. Find or make some ancestor jewelry (preferably a necklace). I have necklaces for all the Others but my ancestors. The Lady has a medallion I never take off except for sleep and water. Land spirits have a green glass land turtle/tortoise. Manannan has a sea-turtle. Hell, I even have an amethyst point for good luck and patience when I go to work. But my ancestors have nothing. I’m thinking maybe I should look through my jewelry boxes and see if I have any forgotten treasures. A few female relations gifted me with things when they died, and I think it would be fitting.