I have mentioned in a previous post my desire to create some incense, oils, and other such stuff. Since I have stalled out on kyphi (looking for benzoin!) I started work on some infused oils.

The first batch was a clusterfuck of the highest order (old safflower oil+ freesia flowers= OMGgonnabarf) so I was wary of the new batches I had planned. The only available oil was soybean, but I figured it couldn’t be worse that the safflower. I used smaller jars this time, just to be safe. I think the next try will be all pre-dried ingredients. This was all-fresh and it turned green and strange-smelling. Not at all what you would expect.

Before the Great Straining

I really really wanted the freesia scent so I tried that again, with a little orange mint. That’s the skinny Spice Islands bottle. The second formula (in the old peach jar) was much more complex. 3-leaf true clover, rue leaves, lemon balm leaves, strawberry leaves, red rose petals, chamomile (flower and leaves), lavender leaves, and cilantro.

Post-straining in my lopsided Ikea bowls. Looks like green tea, huh?

The results?

Experiment one smells like pesto. On crack. Experiment two smells like rue-flavored gingerbread. Both are very strong and very very green. I’m hoping that the scent mellows in a few weeks, and that chilling it helps. The complex recipe has a purpose, even if it never smells like Chanel. Its a blessing and offering oil, when I want to share the fruits of my labor with a being/spirit. All of the plants involved have personal meaning for me. As for the mint pesto one….. we’ll see. The oils were infused in my only really sunny window that also happens to be on a working radiator. So, in total it infused in about 3 days.