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Just in time, too. I have a daytime bird to retrieve tonight, if all goes well. (Got a definite no, on that one. I got more “cycles of nature” drawn than you can shake a stick at.) Who the fuck hits a falcon in broad daylight?!

Alas, I digress. (Fucker.)

This post contains pictures of dirty bones and feathers. No blood remains, but if you are of a sensitive persuasion, you may wish to skip this one.

Well, I know what killed the Owl. Blunt force trauma to the breastbone. Busted some bones clean off and cracked the breastbone itself pretty good. Nothing else was busted (except maybe the spine, but I may have done that one myself. It was my first time de-articulating an owl.) I used the exposure method, which coupled with an unnaturally wet spring meant that he was nothing but bones, skin, and feathers when I got to him. Even his esophagus was perfectly intact.

The majority of non-bone material is buried under a tree, soaked in holy water so it will grow new little owls (hey, its my cosmology, I’ll do as I please >.> ). I’m just about ready to start the final process of maceration to get the last of his bones squeaky-clean. Speaking of squeaky, by the by, he apparently died with a full belly. I have 2 or 3 rodent skulls and some jaws that I pulled out of the body cavity, along with a LOT of fur. I almost saved his very dried-up tongue, but I decided to bury that and the wing-tips, too. His urn is going to be full enough as it is.

And now for the pictures (those faint of heart and delicate of gorge should stop here).

The legs still fully articulate, which is why they are still attached to the hip bones

He looks much smaller without his clothes on….

His lovely legs, saved because even If I don't want them, I know several other folks who might. They are completely dry and look like jerky.

We’re gettin’ there, oh lovely Owl. Just a while longer…