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Oh yeah. I went there. Say hello to the General, boys and girls.(Oh yeah. I went there. Say hello to the General boys and girls.)

Holy batcakes am I glad it’s summertime. Freedom is mine I say, mine! I have a few months before I go back to kiln-bitching (for piss-poor pay, but oh the learning!) and its gonna be so full of stuff…

First off, and most important, is the Great Cross-Country Trip, wherein me and my boyfriend go from the West Coast of the U.S. to Maine in a minivan, filled with various things for his folks. The van stays there and we fly back, oh, around the first of July. This has sparked some ideas for stuff (like, “how does this affect my religious observances?” and “crap, I bet you can’t take a barn owl skull in a carry-on bag, can you?”), some of which may become a post at a later time. If anyone wants me to visit, let me know and I will ~try~ to make it happen. No guarantees though.

Second, I was sunburnt very very badly, so I am peeling like a lizard. There is nothing particularly spiritual about this, but I felt like sharing. If you put a redhead in direct sunlight for 4-6 hours, you get a tomato. An angry, peeling tomato. Who blistered and found out that popping the blisters doesn’t hurt, but it makes you feel like bubble-wrap. (Kinda looks like it, too.)

Third, anyone remember this post? I figured while I’m doing an Update, I might as well do some updates for that, too.

  1. Do the “What is the Lady of the Stars?” prompt from the group at the Cauldron.– Done, posted it here.
  2. Train myself to trance while holding/sleeping with the Hallucinogenic Crocodillagator- Not going so well. I do get a reaction while sleeping with it in my arms, but it sure as hell isn’t trancing. More like “Let’s see just how kinky we can make her dreams this time. Two points if she wakes up drooling!” Part of the problem is I can’t trance. Not even meditate. I can do it to others, but I can’t do it to me. Frustrating. And kind of pissing me off.
  3. Work with the animal spirits embodied in the plushies I have found.- Actually going ok. I don’t think I’ll make it to the Otherworld, but I could most definitely use them to do stuff here, i.e. carry a spell, watch someone, etc. Be careful, I might sic my buffalo on you.
  4. Do some alchemy and herbcraft.– I posted the oil experiment here (which, by the by, hasn’t really changed scent. I still have rue gingerbread and super-pesto). I have managed to find most of the ingredients I needed for kyphi, as well as a seller of honey-based dark chocolate truffles (The Black Forest Cake is superb.) I want to try amber incense, now that I have a place to go to for benzoin, so I’m keeping an eye out for beeswax. (The amber incense has also inspired me to make a ceramic double boiler. Or, at least, a ceramic pot to fit over a metal pan of boiling water. Not much else is as non-reactive as a good glaze, and there’s no chance of losing enamel and fucking shit up.)
  5. Pour some candles.– Um… yeah, ain’t done it yet.
  6. Find or make some ancestor jewelry (preferably a necklace).– No jewelry (and what I have is getting some major rethinking in regards to who gets what), but I did get them a skull. Its carved out of tiger’s eye and is about the size of my thumb. I was going to use the fluorite skull I have, but it didn’t quite fit. The fluorite (and its slightly larger companion) is now tentatively slated for holding spirits and/or specific ancestors. When I have the money? I’m going shopping at a wonderful website that does human-sized skulls in all sorts of minerals.

Fourth, I have some theological revisions to revise. Which probably means another Building a Path post in the relatively near future. Gotta love shared gnosis, even if it kicks your worldview in the teeth.

Fifth, I shall make a post (or a page, not sure yet) of some of my ceramic gewgaws. Some may be for sale at a later date, others you will pry from my cold dead fingers. But I like sharing, so pictures shall come at some point.