Without getting into a medical history most readers won’t care much about, in the beginning of May I discovered 2 lumps in my neck/shoulder region. I’ve been treading the waters of modern medicine (one of the reasons I haven’t posted much recently, beyond freaking out in general) and I’ve got my eyes on the home stretch- Monday I’m going in for honest to goodness surgery at a hospital to remove the lumps (first person to start singing “My Lovely Lady Lumps” will be keel-hauled in a lake of flaming chicken shit). Its Catholic- St. Joseph’s, which should be a barrel of laughs when the nuns come by my room once I’m coming out of anesthesia.

I post this post mostly to warn that I may be incommunicado for a bit. Recent string of luck is not pointing towards sunshine and unicorn farts so I am prepping for the worst. So, in conclusion, if you never hear from me again blame the nuns. I probably fell out a window to escape salvation.