For someone who has never had the chance to grow edibles before, my boyfriend is damn good at it. (Except for cabbage, but that was more the aphids fault than his.) The peas have come and gone, beans just beginning. But the pride and joy this year is the pumpkins.

A small portion of the King's domain.

A small portion of the King's domain.

From a patch of refugees, planted much earlier, we already have several ripe pumpkins, picked and set aside to feed man and beast during winter. All those lovely vines up there? We planted the little sprouted seeds a few days before we left for Maine at the beginning of June. We already have a orange-y pumpkin and some cantaloupe.

An outlying Pumpkin Stronghold, where the first ripe pumpkins of the year grew and thrived. Plus gratuitous goats, for the goat lovers out there.

The silly thing is growing outside of the fence, next to where we park our cars. This is a Musquee de Provence (some French heirloom, I think). I just call them Cinderella pumpkins. And to think, they're supposed to be hard to germinate -.-

A peeping pumpkin.

Hiding in the pumpkin vines.

There is a reason we don’t let my boyfriend do the starts….


All those wispy green shoots that looks like a half-assed lawn? Teensy baby onions. He threw the whole packet down.


And now, two bonus pictures for this photo-heavy (for me, anyway >.> ) entry.

The Dowager Empress of Corn (my mother) presents some fresh-picked specimens.

Hidden hen fruit.