Why yes, I am distracting myself from impending chemo (31st! Ack! 4 days? Double ACK!!). So, in honor of these momentous occasions, I am holding a contest.

Today, I made over 1000 page views (most of those having to do with searches for Kahlua cheesecake, I think). Since I know chemo is going to knock me on my ass, I shall need things to do. So, the contest- whoso ever gets winning number (or closest to it) shall get a handmade item from me. I do pottery, but I also do embroidery (pictures will be put up relatively soon on deviantArt here’s a link to the gallery– its The Sun and The Poinsetta-Watermelon, if you couldn’t tell) and drawings (links to be exchanged once the winner is decided). Winner shall be invited to talk with me via email to decide upon what exactly they want (and how I can make it in my own style.) Entry ends next Saturday, September 3rd at 8PM Pacific Standard Time.

Yada Yada Rules:

  1. In case of a tie, the earliest timestamp wins. (This includes ties on closest-number cases.)
  2. You can try three times a day; once in a comment on this post, once in an email to nightwalkinghedgehog@yahoo.com, and once via Twitter. Tweets need my @erinnightwalker on them and a link to this post. Emails must have 1000 Contest somewhere in the email.
  3. Pottery is limited to a half-pound of wet clay, wheel-thrown or handbuilt. While I’d love to be able to thrown the winner a 15 pound platter, shipping would be an unholy bitch. (It can be less than a half-pound, of course, if you want some teensy little sit-on-a-coin pots.)

The secret number has already been chosen. It is somewhere between 1 and 250. Good luck!