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The Oak Tree

I have lived across from this oak tree all of my life. I have watched it shed branches, birth hawks, and survive attempts to plough it under (its protected by law as a heritage tree, but there are always “ways” around it). This is the tree that I think of when people talk about the Oak King. It helps, of course, that it lives in the middle of an agricultural field. I have stolen more produce from that field than I care to admit to (most of it after they have already picked it over, but still). Most recently, it was wheat (I leave it up to the interested reader to draw conclusions as to why I link oak tree/Oak King/fertile land/wheat seed in a magico-religious way).

This isn’t a very insight-filled post, I’ll admit. It is primarily a way to show a bit more about where I live. I think my path may be turning more to the earth and growing side of things. Even if it isn’t, I happen to think that these are some decent pictures of a gorgeous old tree 🙂 So enjoy.

The most recent scar. The tree isn't trimmed so rotten branches fall all the time. This one wasn't rotten though- just fell because of its own weigh.


Canopy shot- this is a huge tree with wide branches and a trunk 2 people can't reach around. No telling how far the roots go.


More canopy and some of the huge dead limbs still attached to the tree.


Sunset behind the trunk.


Heart of the canopy.


Gorgeous all-over shot, showing the scar.