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On the first day of Holy Dead Things And General Badassery, my devotee gave to meeeeeee~

One snifter of honey whisky!

One tumbler Cherry Torani Vokda!

Siiiiiiiiix Hedgehog Candiiiiiiiiies!!!

Four taper candles- two black, two white!

And some Crossed Keys Rum for Baron Saaaameeeediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

(*Expect photodump post sometime relatively soon)

(**Can you tell I hold my liquor not at all? Even the tiny {very occasional} sips I allowed myself during chemo gets me giggly.)

(***Of course, since none of the liquors currently being offered tastes at all palatable to me right now, my spirits, gods, and non-corporeal people get to get plastered, baby. Only thing we get to have words over is the honey whiskey since my boyfriend adores it and deserves something for putting up with this.)

Tonight the gates open, so tonight I tend EVERYONE. Some (with mild altar adjustment) will get whole days later on this week (ish). Others will get moved back to normal altars tomorrow. Baron gets the second of November, and I think personal ancestors (those I knew and loved, and those held close in story) will get the first. A day of grief and healing. (I miss you Gramma. 8 years and I still miss you. I hope you and Grandpa Zeke are happy. Miss you too Bert, no matter what my dad says.) Day 3 is for land spirits and the changing of the tide. Owl shall get some loving, too. Day 4 is all ancestors. Day 5 is “Can we sneak the food offerings {and booze} into a graveyard without being caught?”, followed by closing of the gates and winding down that night. On Sunday my ass is gonna be in bed.

Ritual outline is set. Now to stick to it between kiln, job, and chemo. Wheeeeee!