Really, any sort of bunny-related by-product. I’ve got a niggling idea to breed domestic rabbits for meat for several reasons (rising meat prices, easy breedability, we can make it mostly self-sustaining, etc.) It occurred to me that there is an awful lot of “extras”, like pelts and bones and skulls that crafty and/or magically minded people may want. So, the question is….. would anybody want tanned rabbit fur and leather and bits and bobs?

I mean, they wouldn’t be wild rabbits. Our current wild cottontail rabbit population doesn’t seem like it could take a lot of hunting and it would feel wrong to stock the freezer with wild things when I can raise my own (safer, too, since I have no idea what kind of pathogens are crawling around in the cottontails.) While I think that rabbit fur is wonderfully soft and lovely, I know that I would hold on to it and hold on to it and end up with a stack taller than me and do nothing with it. So, I want to make sure that the “leftovers” have a place to go where they will be used and loved. Its important to me that everything possible is used, especially with something as cute as a bunny >.> Otherwise its death is just for meat. I might as well buy meat down at the supermarket instead of raising and loving it, which defeats the purpose of knowing where the meat came from, that the animal was well-cared for, and that it died as comfortably as possible. My dream is to be able to raise all my own animals for meat, milk, and eggs, fed on food grown on the property. With rabbits I can start small before I need to figure out how to feed the bottomless pits we call mules, horse, and goat-herd XD

So, question is- would you, the reader, buy fur, leather, and bones from me knowing the conditions they were raised in, the food they ate, and the way they were killed? Knowing that they did not die a natural death, that the meat is feeding me and mine, and that they were not wild bunnies but domesticated? Please leave a message, send an email, whatever you prefer. It’s important to me that everything is used and if I can make a bit of money with it, that’s one step closer to sustainability. Plus I don’t know anyone in my immediate community who would want rabbit fur, even if I gave it away -.-