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I have itchy fingers. Like, majorly itchy fingers. The kind of itchy that drives me up the wall, deck in hand, to throw cards on the ceiling. Just one problem- I’ve run out of questions. So, I declare open season. Bring me your questions, your problems, your card-needing situations. I need the practice in reading different decks, and with and without the little included books.

I give you choice of tool- runes, Tarot, or oracle deck. I have 2 rune sets, one of glass and one of bone. (I tend to use the bone one, since it doesn’t lose paint like the glass set, but be warned- I do throw it with the “blank” rune, which I interpret as “rephrase it or don’t ask”. If I’m throwing the whole bag, it signifies the stuff that shouldn’t be known, unless I want to ruin the outcome.)

My Tarot decks are as follows (links go to Aeclectic.net)-

The Gilded Tarot– My go-to deck. Its scuffed all to hell, but I still adore it. If you don’t have a preference for deck, this is the one that I will use.
Shadowscapes Tarot– I tend to use it more for ritual use, but do occasionally divine with it.
Robin Wood Tarot– Not sure if this one is a keeper or if it will get passed on.
Magic Manga Tarot– I bought it for the artwork and the slightly more modern flavor.
Wildwood Tarot– It isn’t traditional. Very… serious.

Oracle decks (again, links go to Aeclectic.net)-

The Enchanted Oracle– Frankly, I bought it for the artwork. I love Jessica Galbreth’s paintings. But, if you want a reading with it, I shall gladly use it.
The Well-worn Path and the continuation/sequel the Hidden Path- I tend to use it for “tools” when I can’t pack a huge pack of stuff. It’s made by Grimassi and is full o’ pop-wicca references, but if you dig a wee bit deeper, you can get much more out of it. I tend to use both decks together; Well-worn is a trip around the “wheel of the year” and basic neo-wicca stuffz. The Hidden Path is a trip into the Otherworld (although one card reminds me more of Spock than “Fae”- May you live long and prosper!).

There’s no charge involved. If you don’t mind asking the question in public, ask it here. I can either reply here, or reply privately; please indicate which you’d prefer, because default is in public. For those who would rather prefer privacy all the way, shoot me an email at nightwalkinghedgehog@yahoo.com. I am putting a time limit on this, mostly so I’m not honor-bound forever and ever to answer all questions XD Free readings end next Friday, December 2nd at 4 PM PST. I will answer any question posed to the best of my ability.

So go ahead! Ask a question! Help my satisfy the itch in my poor widdle fingers! 😀