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A picture-post from a November fog day. All pictures taken between 4 and 5 o’clock…. in the afternoon. It was frigid as FUCK. We didn’t have sunshine ALL FREAKIN’ DAY. Just….. Silent Hill.





Silent Hill comes to Cali! This is the palm tree outside the house on the end of the road. The abandoned house on the end of the road. (I ain't going in. There might be cinder babies.)

The Oak King's tree, rising out of the mist. There should be a horizon line of walnut trees directly behind it XD

As I was walking closer, to get some closer shots of teh tr33 (I was careful to walk in the furrow, so I wouldn’t screw up the field), to my surprise a pair of nesting hawks made their displeasure known. The male, beauteous and majestic, was the first to fly off and yell at me from a farther vantage point.

Is he not gorgeous? Lovely and pretty and and and..... fuzzy as fuck -.-

The female held out longer. She also circled several times, screaming her displeasure. I was certain that I was gonna get buzz-bombed.

She there, I swear. Its the tiny barely-lighter spot in the middle right. Yeah, that one.

Needless to say, my camera did not like the fog. For one, the auto-focus just about shat itself trying to focus. For another, the lens kept getting dewy. I had to take a q-tip to it when I got back inside. But I did manage to take a few really nice close-ups of the King’s canopy in the fog.

It came out better without the flash.

MOAR CANOPY! (And a possible location for the nesting hawks. I couldn't get a precise bead on it, if it even was built yet.)

This is my favorite picture because of the north-facing green. It isn't moss, more like a very thin lichen, but it looks like a dryad's kiss. It shines like emeralds.

Silent Hill has always seemed like a modern faerie land. Not a particularly nice one, but still. I know a few chaos magic-minded folks who wanted to try to go there in the astral. Magic lives in the strangest places, so why not Silent Hill? (My personal modern magic idea? Shamanic deconstruction via Aliens chestburster. I ❤ me some Giger.) Fog like this is magic; where it takes you depends on where you want to go.