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Random Facts

1. I enjoy B-rated horror flicks far far too much.
2. I get very attached to odd things.
3. When I was a child, I would climb the stacks of hay bales to be a mountaineer.
4. I love growing and collecting mushrooms, but I can’t stand to eat the bastards.
5. Yet, I absolutely adore mushroom-flavored ramen, as long as there isn’t mushroom chunks in it.
6. I have never spent more than $100 for a single item of clothing in my entire life.
7. My favorite scent is roses.
8. I have been in an English cathedral during mass and listened to a choir and pipe organ, while sitting in a chair older than my country.
9. One of my secret dreams is to rent a canal-boat and go across England in the canals.
10. One day I hope to support myself and my family on what I make, write, and concoct.
11. I can save a baby chick from death by maggots with a Q-tip, toothpick, and a towel.


1. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A potion-maker. Closest I’ve come is knowing a lot of herbalist stuff and having a few… uh…. odd books.
2. What color is your natural hair color? Do you like it? Why or why not? When I have it? Red. I’ve actually never dyed it, and can count on one hand the times I’ve curled or ironed it. I love it, which is why I never touched it (that and I’m lazy.)
3. Name a superstition that you believe. Hmm. That if you know the secret, the really truly secret secret, you can pass between. Now, I just need to figure it out…..
4. Do you like ice cubes in your drinks? Not if they’re home-ice-cubes, because our water, while delicious, is hard and makes flakes in the drink >.<
5. If you could choose three things to take with you into the afterlife, what would they be? A favorite stuffed animal, a good knife, and a decent pair of shoes.
6. When you’re sick, what are the tried and true remedies you always fall back on? Sleep, copious amounts of water (I shall pee out the poison!), and whatever my body tells me it wants to eat.
7. What’s your biggest fear? Do you know where it stems from? Needles, and I’m assuming a childhood experience with the ever-lovely doctor’s office.
8. Do you believe in past lives? I think its a possibility, but I have no woo-woo experiences of my own to AHA! about.
9. What fairy tale was your favorite as a child? Do I have to pick? o.< Um….. yeah I can’t pick XD
10. What’s your dream vehicle? Old-style hearse or Studebaker station wagon. Or a motorhome built out of wood and stained glass. Or a canal boat on a river. Or….
11. Did you ever believe you would live a pagan lifestyle? My lifestyle isn’t really “pagan”. It just… is what it is. My life informs my style, I suppose.

I hereby tag- Katje, know as Morag the Supremely Well-coiffed, at Innocence and Immanence. (Plz don’t hate me >.< )

1. What is your favorite bird?
2. If you could have any book in the world, what would it be?
3. Any movie that scarred and/or had a dramatic impact on your early life?
4. Ever gone surfing?
5. What is the scent of love for you?
6. What is your stance on mythical creatures/beings?
7. Have you ever read a book you hated so much you tossed it? If so, what and why?
8. What would your dream home be?
9. Do dreams mean anything?
10. Which came first, chicken or egg?
11. Did you do it? And if you did, would you do it again?