Or as close to permanent as I care to get, anyway.

This came about because I had some really cool tattoos for Baron and a candle to put them on. The ones I used transferred translucent, so they are really hard to see. But the candle light behind them is gorgeous and makes the patterns glow, so I’m happy ^_^

Supplies- good quality clear nail polish, suitable tattoo(s), glass candles to put them on (labelless 7 day candles work, as do their shorter cousins), rubbing alcohol, and a couple of rags.

First, do a dry run. Put your temporary tattoo against the glass and see where you want to put it. You got one shot at this, so decide now where you want it. Trim edges, if you must, to make it fit.

Take a rag, pour a little rubbing alcohol on it, and wipe down where you’re going to put the tattoo on the glass. The one’s I used were so big in relation to the glass, I just wiped down the entire outside. Do not touch your clean glass; put it to the side and allow it to air-dry. (This process removes grease and oil that will interfere with your tattoo sticking.)

While the glass dries, peel the film off your tattoo. Take your other rag, get it soaking wet, and wring out most of the moisture. We don’t want dribbly rag here. When the glass is dry (if you sniff it there should be little to no alcohol odor), wipe the back of the tattoo with the wet rag. It softens the paper, letting you curve the tattoo more easily around the glass. Be careful though, cause it also activates the sticky.

Very carefully apply the tattoo in a single curving press. Try not to trap air bubbles (small ones we can deal with a little later). Take your wet rag and press it to the back of the tattoo firmly. Hold it there for at least 30 seconds, preferably a minute. Once the minute is up, remove the rag and carefully peel the backing off the tattoo. Let it dry a little. If you have any small air bubbles you can take a finger and gently smooth them out now, before it sets up completely.

Let it dry for a while. Say, an hour in a warm place (but not in direct sunlight, as it might fade the colors of the tattoo). Then, in a well-ventilated area (unless you like the smell/desire a quick high) paint the clear nail polish over the tattoo. This seals the tattoo, prevents it from being rubbed off, and gives a bit of shine to it.

Tada! You now have a temporary tattoo on glass. Once the current candle is used up I plan on saving mine and repouring candles into it. If you mess up, or decide later that it isn’t what you want, or if it just gets scratched or tatty looking, you can remove it- polish and all- with nail polish remover or more rubbing alcohol. Happy tattooing!