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A door. A portal, an opening, a liminal space. One of the Trifecta- Here, There, and In-Between. A way between Hither and Yon, the great fabled lands. A way from Where You Are to Where You Want To Be.

A Door.

It all starts with a Door.

Imagine a Door. Any Door. Your Door. The First Door, for all others are behind this one. You can go anywhere with this Door, so see it well. Build it, paint it, print it, sketch it if you need help to see it. Run your fingers over the surface (wood?stone?paint?glass?metal?water?fire?), smell it, lick it, if you like- know this Door. The Door is yours.

There is a Lock upon the Door. Whether it answers to Key or Hand or Thought or Stone it matters not. You hold the Way of Opening. So, craft a Key. The Door will open to many Keys, if you will it, so build one for every Place you wish to go to.

Say I wish to go to the Graveyard. I build a Key in my mind (nice but not necessary to build one in reality), a Key of Bone and Sinew and Skull, a Key festooned with rotten lace and funeral lilies and a perfectly dried rose. I put the Key to the Door and Open the Way. Another’s Key to the Graveyard may be different from mine. Whether they go to the same Graveyard is irrelevant, unless a meeting is called. To see the Baron, I add a tophat and breathe in the scent of cigars and rum. To see my blood Ancestors, I smell and taste my own blood, coppersharp and RED.

No matter where you go, you shall always have your Door. Always, always, always, before any other Key is made and any Path traveled, make a Key to take you Home. This Key should never leave your possession. Never give it to anyone or anything unless you trust them with more than your life. It is a direct link Home. If an Other gifts you a Key, treat it with the reverence and honor that it deserves.

Once the Key unlocks the Way and Opens the Door… Then the journey begins.