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Now that I finally have a fountain pen that works reliably, I’m starting on a project that’s been floating around in my head- a book of drawings of Keys (please read this post, if the Key reference confoozles you). I still have to decide on some stuff, but I have some awesome paper for endpapers, a lovely little black book with good paper for inking, and some hardware embellishments. (For more cool ideas please read this Tumblr post by Scylla over at Root and Rock. She is kickass. Go forth, and ogle.) (My only snark is that only one set of the key-and-faceplate pairs I bought actually are the right size to insert key into plate. Still, I have definite plans for the remaining bits.)

But, back to the book. It is small and portable, so I can take it with me, or even sleep with it, if I choose (I’ll probably end up with an imprint of the metal bits on my forehead at least once. Probably more.) This is one of those things that feel important. And I think (I ~hope~) that one of the first places I visit will have something to do with a Name that has come up. I’m starting to branch out into the realms of modern imagination more comfortably (part of the reason the Keys came to mind at all, really) and the Name is a comfort, even if its a slightly uncomfortable one. But, since this book will be so important, I’ve got to do more prep-work, magically and physically, than I normally bother with. Not a real reason for true complaint, more of a mild grumble. But I think that it will be worth it. I really really do, even if I have no better reason than a gut feeling.