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Been meaning to do this one, mostly to see what pops out of the prompts. So, without further ado, here is my first answer to little city witch’s 44 Days of Witchery Tumblr challenge (even though I do not tumble)(and am several years late)(oh fucking well XD ).

1)What’s your witchy background?

I started with some sort of “witch’s spellbook” in middle school, I think. I was ridiculously influenced by Harry Potter (I made pickled hog nipples out of salt dough for potion ingredients. I collected the foil off of chocolate coins to make Galleons and Sickles and Knuts. I had dedication.) and, truthfully, was looking for wand-wavey crap.

And boy did I find it. I took the freebie courses at Witchschool online (not particularly good at the time. I haven’t been there recently so they may or may not have improved), I read every scrap of occult paper at the library, I haunted the “spooky” section of Barnes and Noble. (The pile of Llewellyn books in my closet can attest to that.) But, oddly enough, I never did much with it. I can remember doing one “booster” spell for Academic Decathelon, a couple of so-so sabbats, a lot of staring at the moon… and not much else.

My two friends who were interested in things woo-woo were, um, not very reliable. One tried to keep her sister out of her room with “ancient family wards”, and the other thought Anubis haunted her necklace. And still believes that Sam Hain will kill her on Halloween if she doesn’t leave out candy or a pumpkin (which is the basic plot of the movie Trick R Treat. Good movie though.) How I managed to find a sincere spiritual connection with anything during that time (much less someone as important as Manannan is to me) I will never know.

It took getting some decent internet at home and a link-drop from an odd young gentleman to get me going on the actual magic bit again. Started with older chaos magic stuff, plus some reading of H. P. Lovecraft’s original stories. Biggest thing I took away from that was: if it doesn’t make me feel magic, then it doesn’t work. If a butterknife has greater potency in my mind than a Budd K fantasy knife, then I’m using the butterknife. This is also where the influence from modern stories started creeping in. Eventually I found the Cauldron, and through that the current array of bloggers I ❤ and enjoy. A peculiar array of fiction books also helped enormously.

So, here I am now. I still peer at the moon and grub in the dirt. I’ve de-fleshed bones and sent the Owl to the Underground (you can thank Jim Henson for forever imprinting that name as the name of the Otherworld in my brain.) I’ve watched goats give birth in front of my eyes. I’ve met the Baron of the Dead and felt the nudges of my dead folks. I’m seeing my world with new eyes every day and feel blessed that it is so. I still can’t meditate, but I’m getting better at listening to the voices of the spirits I adore. Life is not perfect, but I distrust perfection on principle. Besides, the bumps make better scenery.