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Day 3 of the 44 Days challenge!

3) Witchy tools: athame.

If you don’t know what an athame is by now, go forth and google. I don’t actually have an athame as it’s classically defined. I have 3 knives- 4 if you count the letter opener/pen knife I use to prod candles and cut small things.

(I warn you now, I adore knives. I hope to one day get a sword. But, I am poor so I do not have all the knives I desire >.< )

First knife I ever got is technically a throwing dagger blank I found around the house (my childhood home is odd, to say the least). Dad gave it an (amazing dull but still shiny) edge with the grinder. It is double-edged, leaf shaped, and very rusty. The handle is wooden shims wrapped in electrical tape, wrapped in a shitload of black yarn until you can’t see the tape. It gives it a nicely soft grip. Its my “don’t fuck with me” knife. It may not have an appreciable edge, but it fairly hums with AH-THAUR-ITAY.

Second is a gift from my dad. Its a single-edged knife with sheath. The handle (deer horn) and the leather of the sheath came from the same deer. His father killed it on a hunting trip and Dad made the knife. It’s a knife of ancestors and utility; good combination, considering who I’m related to.

Third is new. Bright and shiny new. Cut steel in a matching sheath on chains, ooo lala. It needs something on the hilt, I think. I also think that Baron wants it. Why, I have no clue. I’m thinking of purple leather or yarn and some nail polish designs (nail polish is a useful useful thing). And if it turns out I’m wrong, I like purple and black and silver anyway ^.^ Bought at a costume shop, probably wouldn’t hold an edge if you begged it, though.