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44 days challenge, day 7.

7) Air element.

Let me preface this by stating that I don’t really *get* the whole “I’m a fire witch/water witch/earthy-air-with-a-side-of-chaos witch”. You are what you are. Labels are great but they also constrict.

That being said, here’s my current conception of Air as it relates to the classical elements. (Its what I learned and what I’m comfy with.)

I don’t conceptualize Air as intellectual or head-in-the-clouds. I go for more of the basic, most simple idea of Air- Air is the breath of life. It communicates. It gives us choice- the choice to keep breathing or not. We speak with it, we sing with it; without it we could not squirt oxygen through our meat-holes and tell our beloved that we love them. Choice, communication, support of life. We all share it. (Which is a rather scary thought. You are breathing the breath of a T-rex, Gandhi, Hitler, and your dog right now. [Wanna know something even scarier? You’re also breathing their farts.] [Serious tone? What serious tone?]) It is a great equalizer, is Air.

It has its “good” side and “bad” side, of course. For every spring breeze there is a wicked tornado. For every honest and sincere communication there is a poisoned gasp of gossip. Communication has no side. Breath has no color, creed, or loyalty. Life doesn’t care about the individual; its just as happy with a pond full of duckweed and mosquitoes as it is an entire Coliseum filled with Da Vinci clones. It is up to the individual to use the breath according to their desires. No one can decide for you or take the blame for your misuse and abuse. Its your breath, your will directing Air, so make it count. It is a great blindness to assume that an element, a building block of life, a conceptualization of the workings of the Universe, is going to be ever so nice to you. (Remember tornadoes? Hurricanes? The sudden gust of air that stole your balloon when you were six? That’s Air, too, honeybuns. Can’t all be half-naked sylphs languidly drifting across the sky.)