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Ok, so its not quite a food recipe but despite its ingredients, it works really really well to soothe and unclog colds and flu. And according to my boyfriend, tastes pretty damn good as well (I haven’t needed it since I was a little kid, so I don’t quite remember the taste).

3 ingredients. That’s it. It does need to be done in a specific order, though.

Lemon juice– Either free range real lemons or concentrate juice. Real lemons are better, though. Strain it through a little strainer or fork tines, object being to get rid of seeds and pulp. Put this in a jar with a lid, or measure it, if you’re feeling precise. The amount of lemon juice determines the amount of the rest of the ingredients, so however much juice you have multiply that amount by three and you have roughly how much you’ll have at the end.

Honey– Nothing special about this, beyond using pure honey (no fillers of corn syrup or other crap). Measure or eyeball an equal amount of honey into your container.

Whiskey– The higher proof the better (high proof means you don’t have to cook it to get it sterilized. It can live in the fridge for years and be just as good.) We used 101 proof Wild Turkey, but you can use what brand you like. I asked my dad (who’s family recipe this is) and he said you could use any high-proof alcohol, but whiskey seems to work the best. Failing that, I’d go for something without much flavor, like vodka. Measure or eyeball an equal amount of whiskey and add it to the jar (should be one third of total volume each of the honey, lemon juice, and whiskey).

Put the lid on the jar and shake, shake, shake señora until its all homogenized (its ok if it looks a little frothy). Dosage for an adult is 3 tablespoons of the mix in a coffee mug with hot or boiling water poured to fill the cup. Drink immediately. For a kid, I’d try a tablespoon in the hot water and go from there. Best to use before bed for kid or adult so the (really very small) amount of alcohol can be easily slept off. If you can stay at home, have more (boyfriend did and went through a whole pint jar of the stuff before bed. He’s a hell of a lot better this morning, even if he was a wee bit giggly before bed.) While drinking, I recommend to inhale the steam that comes off the top as deeply as you can. It helps loosen up the gunk. Unused stuff can be saved in the fridge in a covered jar indefinitely, especially if you used a good high-proof whiskey (remember, 101 proof or better! You can use a lower proof, but that necessitates a trip to the stove to cook the microbes out [instead of drowning them in alcohol] which according to mom makes the lemon juice taste funny. Moral of the story- don’t skimp on the booze for, ahem, medicinal purposes.)