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Day 11! I am officially one-quarter of the way done ^_^

11) Witchy tools: oils.

I did one post on homemade oils right ova’ thar, but that isn’t the sum total of my oily goodness. I have 3 personal categories for how magic oils get their oomph- from the scent, from their ingredients, and from magical correspondence (personal or from a book, whichever is preferred.) A great oil, in my opinion, uses all three.

Scent means that the smell of the oil, regardless of ingredients, corresponds with the purpose. An oil to burn and blind, to get rid of enemies and basically be essence of GTFO, would have stuff in it to make nose run and eyes water- black pepper, red peppers, stuff that when you smell it you get that gut reaction.

The ingredients can be special, too, above and beyond just their type. Peppers grown under the tender loving auspices of Baron Samedi, for example, would be very very good for our hypothetical Essence of GTFO oil because Samedi, in particular, rules over the nasty bits of sorcery and magic. A different pepper grown for a different spirit (say, chilli willies grown for Aphrodite to “spice” up the lovelife) wouldn’t be appropriate for the GTFO blend even if they are a type of pepper. Nails from a graveyard or bent pins also fall into this category (non plant stuff can add quite a kick.)

Finally, there is magical correspondences. There are several books filled with them- if you like those books, go with that. I tend to go with what I feel is the correspondence, if I have a choice. For example, I would have to look up all the correspondences for dragon’s blood to see if it fits (which, by the way, it does) because I have no experience with the plant itself, just the chunks of dried resin. But I know, based on years of weed-pulling, that stinging nettle and thistles work great at defending themselves and the area they grow in. So, without needing to look those up, I’d add in some of those plants because that’s the meaning they have for me. (Incidentally, I’d add the nettles fresh because that’s when they have their sting. Once they wilt they become more of a healing, nurturing plant because they don’t prick any more. The thistles could be fresh or dried, depending on what I had, because they are prickly no matter what.)

So, the formulation for our hypothetical Essence of GTFO oil would be- Black pepper, red pepper (preferably grown for Baron Samedi or another spirit amenable to the task at hand) to make it burn on contact; nails, bent pins, and rusty metal, sharper the better, to cut and drive off the interloper(s) (acts as an active defense; broken glass would also work, but not if you’re going to touch this stuff); dragon’s blood resin or oil to exorcise, defend, and to dye it red (psychological warfare- this is blood to drive off those that would harm, this is your blood given to shield, and their blood drawn to warn); fresh stinging nettles and fresh or dried thistles (if this is going to be used primarily as a home-defense oil, even better to use nettles and thistles grown on the property) to passively defend, discourage random disturbances, and irritate annoying aggressors.

This is how I formulate most of my oils. I do have some essential and fragrance oils, and sometimes I’ll mix those together. The process is mostly the same- rose oil for love here, orange oil for brightness and energy there, so on and so forth. I do tend to go more for complimentary scents with oils though.