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Day 13, an auspicious day!

13) What are some of the witchy books that influenced you?

I’m sticking to magic books, because if I go into fiction we will be here a while. It might be more honest, but I already tried to do a fiction list that WordPress ate so blah I say! Blah!

Specifically magic-y books-

  • Most of the Cunningham oeuvre- Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practioner, herbal and gem Encyclopedias, Incense, Oils, and Brews, and the book published long after his death that reads like a personal grimiore (the name escapes me, at the moment). I’ve read more, but these are the ones I prefer. I like them, even if I’ve moved away from Wicca-centric practices.
  • Judika Illes’ Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells and her Encyclopedia of Spirits for sheer awesomeness and variety.
  • Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Laurie for some serious ogam info.
  • Trance-Portation by Diana Paxson for us so-grounded-I’m-eating-dirt people
  • The Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger for some concise and well-planned steps to energy control and etheric workings