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Day 14 of 44 Days of Witchery, published on 4-04….. so many 4’s…..

14) A favourite pagan holiday that you celebrate.

Hallow Week and The Feast of the Beloved Dead (which may be extended with a Feast of the Wandering Dead this year, mebbe some more ritually acknowledged reciprocation of the care between me and the animals I care for, etc. etc.), in order of importance/sheer ritual frou-fraa. So far, those are the two holidays that I take the most care with and prepare most carefully. (Possibly because I don’t wanna piss off my dead folk.) Hallow Week is an extension of Halloween/Samhain stuff, each bit given its own day so I’m not scrambling to give everything/one their proper due. The Feast of the Beloved Dead is a direct bastard child of Ms. Dirty’s Sviata Vechera challenge, adapted and adopted to fit into my view of the world.