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Day 15, tra-la-la.

15) Thoughts on the afterlife?

Many. And varied. (This is what happens when you decide a set path is not for you. You don’t get the benefit of a pre-set idea of What Happens Next.)

Current working theory? You have a choice; you can either rejoin the Great Big Wad Of Unformed Lifestuff from whence you came and get recycled (poetic, yes?) or you can hang on to your sense of self and become an Other.

The Lifestuff theory comes from the Cauldron (and has been floating around long enough that I’m not sure who or when it originated from), stating that there is no forever and enduring soul- the soul is like sea-water, and our lifespans are the cup. When the cup tips and the water loses it shape, returning to the sea, even if you dip another cupful out of the same spot it will never be exactly the same cup of water. So while technically you will “come back”, you will never come back as exactly the same thing/person.

The Other theory comes partly from reading Scylla’s blog Root and Rock, and partly my own head percolations. Humans aren’t meant to stay discrete in the hereafter, so if we choose to stay, we must change. We can become a venerated ancestor, a land guardian, or something else I do not have names for. But then we are no longer precisely human, are we? (Take Chango/Shango, for instance. Orisha-fied king that held onto his discrete personality, and became something other than human.)

I give it two weeks before I completely change my mind on the afterlife. Truthfully, I’m more worried about this one at the moment.