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Day 25, tralala.

25) How do your close ones feel about your witchy path? Do they know? Why or why not?

Huh. Weeeell…. depends on the person.

My boyfriend, the sole other sharer of living space in my current abode, doesn’t really mind that I’m interested in thing woo-woo, but I doubt he will ever change his opinion on it. Most of it he thinks is crap but he is nice enough not to say it to my face. When he asks a question he’s polite about it. Seems interested in Tarot (I was explaining it to him one night and didn’t even have him shuffle, just pulled a few cards from the top of the pile. Apparently, as he put it, “it was kind of freaky how accurate that was.” Score one for woo-woo shit.) and is reasonably well-trained about altars (WE DO NOT LEAVE OUR SODA CANS ON ALTARS DO WE?). He doesn’t believe in an afterlife, nor in gods, spirits, or other assorted denizens of the Land of Woo.

My parents are slightly different. My mom knows and has a few of her own woo-woo shit stories (as well as a book on runes and a Tarot deck in French). My dad does not know and will not know so long as it is in my power to make it so. He’s an atheist with a healthy respect for Mother Nature (his favorite line being one day she’ll get tired of our shit and kill off a few billion humans), and is horribly hidebound (grew up poor white trash in rural South and poor white trash in California). If he knew I’d never hear the fucking end of it.

Close friends generally know. I don’t really broadcast it to the general public, though.