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Day 29, a tiring but productive day.

19) Water element.

Water. Its vital, essential. Without it we die and are nothing. Water is dangerous and kind and caring and painful. It can hide a poison secret and quench our dying thirst. Water and Earth are the best at hiding secrets, and obvious candidates for alliance.

Water is commonly associated with emotion, and there is truth in that. It is a towering rage and a tranquil calm. We are 80% or so of water, so emotions are part and parcel of our life. Water is also an excellent force of change. It goes everywhere. It can weasel, worm, overpower, and crush anything in its path. I tend to associate Water with Time, since it will always end up where it wants to be. It can also preserve the past either with it’s presence or absence, or destroy it in the same stroke.

Spend some time playing with it, in a form you like or can handle. Soak in a bathtub or drink some actual spring water. Take a shower, go swimming somewhere without chlorine. Feel the texture of it. Taste it. Open yourself up to it. Learn it, and learn yourself.