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Day 30! The end is near!

30) Witchy tools: wand.

Wands are less… antagonistic, in my eyes, than ritual knives. They are also more easily customized to the user; most I’ve seen are a reflection of the maker and/or user, much more than a knife. There are a thousand and one articles on making wands, so I’m sticking to the ones I have.

First proper wand I ever made was during my neo-fluffy-Wiccan period (I sincerely hope I’ve grown out of that), and I rather like it. Its made from a bit of a trimmed pecan tree on my parent’s property, with a quartz crystal wire-wrapped onto the end. No glue or other fasteners, beyond the wire itself. I later made a mini version of the first wand, complete with crystal and smaller-gauge wire. I very rarely use them since I very rarely do formal magic.

My (technically) third wand is actually the top stick of a long-ago Christmas tree. I have several lengths of wire spiralling down it with black yarn wrapping the handle. Its my thumper, for when I want the authority of a metal blade without the whole “I’m a knife, let me stick you” bit gettin’ in the way.

While not technically wands, I have 2 stick-based devices. One is a length of wood with a bunch of silver bells on it- a sort of ghetto-fabulous Silver Bough. The other is covered with yarn netting (secured by two holes drilled near the top), hung with various charms and stuffs. I don’t use them in the same way as a wand, but seeing as they are wand-like and wooden I figured I’d include them in this post.