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So, because I know not everyone has or wants a deviantArt id/login, here’s my recent batch of sorry-but-I-had-to-hide-the-tits-n-ass-from-easy-viewing pieces. I’m getting more comfortable making semi-anatomically correct pieces so if anybody needs a statuette of a really obscure deity/ just wants something special, let me know and we can talk 😉

Without further ado, teh bewbs~

Sirona, a commission for the lovely Nibblekat. She specifically requested no nipples, so that lack is deliberate.

Sacrifice of the Horned Woman. To be part of a future blog giveaway, if nobody begs it away from me first XD

The Blood of the Horned Woman is actually not behind the protect-the-virgin-eyes barrier…. so click that link and go look >:}

Ecstasy of the Horned Woman

The Woman in the Tree- Her ass is my poor attempt at a homage to Ms. Dirty's booty, also known as Dat Ass. Also, its my very own little fuck-you to the stick-thin heroin chic movement. This lady is actually part stick, and she has an ass and tits, so HA! I'm also not sure if she's becoming a tree, or unbecoming one...

The Woman in the Tree- A better view of Dat Ass.