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Day 34, puttering along ^_^

34) Rune of your choice.

I’m going to be a wave-maker, and not do a rune from the Futhark. I give you… the Icelandic rune to make necropants.

Technically a runestave, but I say it counts so there 😛 Click the picture to go visit an amazingly awesome museum site. (And keep an eye out for wandering tilberis >.> )

If you click the link, it will also take you to the official description of the pants. But, in short, you skin the bottom half of a dead man off -COMPLETELY-, stick a stolen gold coin and a copy of the runestave in the empty scrotum, and put them on. The necropants (the literal translation of Nabrokarstafur) will draw money into the scrotum for many years as long as the original gold coin isn’t removed.

C’mon, you know you want to try it.