Day 35 and an out-of-season rainstorm. Awesome.

35) Something that I think people who don’t know much about paganism/witchcraft should know.

-That it isn’t the same thing. (Except when it is.) That the definitions for half this crap get traded, swapped, upgraded, downsized, and trimmed with noxious green fake floral print fur. Being able to explain your position is a hell of a lot better that picking a word and assuming that it fits you perfectly. Paganism is an umbrella term, mostly. Witchcraft tends to be a hell of a lot more specific.

-That it isn’t evil. (Except when it is.) Most people who would misuse “teh super powerzz” couldn’t hex a ninety year old man into erectile dysfunction anyway; getting this shit to work well on command (Hah!) requires more work on yourself than most dabblers care to put in. Just be kind to people (which one hopes humanity would do anyway) and the witch with her boomer stick playing Plants Vs Zombies on the iTouch won’t want to interrupt the game long enough to make your dick weep green fluid.

-That reading about it doesn’t automatically give you mystic crabs. It is not infective. If you are going to “catch the magic bug” you will; if not, its just some weird shit you read in a book once. Also, a rabid D&D player does not a pagan nor witch make, despite what you may have read in a Chick tract. Fantasy =/= religious/magical experience.