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Day 36. Tomorrow’s post may be a little late, I’m going to a wedding ^_^

36) Flower of your choice, and its magical properties.

I’d choose roses, but they’re so full of nuances and lore, I’d be here all night. So, I stick to a not-quite-as-well-known flower: the California Poppy.

We planted some several years ago and they rank fairly high in my private list of flowers I like. They are solar in nature, the flowers closing up tight as the Sun sets and opening again in the morning. As a cut flower they are fairly short-lived. Drying petals rarely keep their beautiful luster unless you are very careful.

Because of the obvious solar connections, I like to offer them to solar and flame related deities. They also feature pretty heavily in magic that needs a bit of high-octane sun power. They live and last where other plants dry up (at least where I’m at), collecting the Sun and turning it into intensely-colored flowers. Thus why I consider them full of mojo and much more awake than the sleepy-headed opium poppy.