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Day 38 (A retropost, since the wedding was awesome and long XD)

38) Witchy tools: cauldron.

(A note on tools: I am of the opinion that everyone should decide for themselves if they actually connect with a certain tool. If you don’t need a chalice, why buy one? If you can’t see the use of a ritual knife, why use one? So, I’ll gladly tell you why I use a certain tool, but I’m not going to tell you that you need that tool. Or, indeed, any tool.)

I have several, actually. They all revolve around the same sort of idea- to hold, to protect, to empower. I do tend to see cauldrons as a place of creation and destruction, so its not a stretch to see them as attributes of similar deities. You can get all into the different mythological cauldrons and what cauldrons are “supposed” to mean, but I find it best to try and think it out for yourself. It has more meaning that way.

The first is technically a large glass, but since I use it to mix up edible potions’n’such, I think of it more as a cauldron. It has a silver spoon that goes with it for the scooping and the measuring.

Number two I’ve had the longest. It has been a Harry-Potter-esque accessory, a part of my misspent alchemically-minded playhouse, a pot of gold for leprechauns, and a bunch of other childhood fancies. It was spray-painted in my younger years (I’ve been meaning to remove that, so I can safely burn in it again.) It has great sentimental value and a certain amount of its own oomph. Its currently holding scentless kitty litter to burn charcoal on for loose incense, but its also the go-to symbolic cauldron because it has that classic cauldron shape. So if I need to fill a symbolic womb with flowers, that’s the one I use. Or if I need to rebirth ancestors, or sanctify some seeds, or what-have-you, I use my pretty pot.

Number three is an old kerosene pot, sans lid, that I burn in. Its cast-iron so heat transfer on quick burns is fairly nil. The legs are also cast as a part of the pot instead of welded on so there’s no chance of it getting too hot and the legs falling off (an important consideration sometimes).