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Day 42! The end is nigh!

42) A favourite nature spirit.

Either the spirit that is/lives in the Oak King’s Tree, or his counterpart in my favorite graveyard, the Queen Diving Underground. (I realized as I was secreting a small thingie into a hole in the crotch of her limbs that… well… I just stuck my hand in the Queen’s crotch-hole. Much giggling ensued.) (Also, though I name them King and Queen, they don’t actually interact with each other [beyond both being oak trees]. Associated titles, unassociated kingdoms.)

The King is a kind presence, one that watches over the local bit of land and just generally feels regal. He’s the biggest, the oldest, and probably was an acorn when this land was first settled. (And the day they try to saw him down for no good reason? Is the day I go apeshit crazy on some fucking motherfuckers.)

The Queen is more regal debauchery (she is, after all, diving headfirst, knickers blazing, into the unseen depths). I’m still not sure if she’s a face of Maman, or if she’s the keeper of the Way into that cemetery’s Underground. (Really not sure if it even matters to distinguish between them.)