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Day 43! One more day of the challenge ^_^

43) A magical recipe.

Well…. for cooking, a search in the little searchbar over to the side for Hedgehog Recipes will get you some of my favorites. But I suppose I could share a recipe for blessing oil, too, just for good measure.

Yon Hedggehoggen Blessin’ Oil

(I sincerely hope no one’s expecting exact proportions cause I have none for this recipe >.> )

Orange oil- for energy and health

Rosemary oil- to help remember the good bits and some more health

Rose oil- for love, because I adore it, and it smelled right

Saffron bits- power, oomph, and wealth

Mix together and use to anoint and scent (smells very good, by the by). If you let it sit a while, the saffron starts to color it golden (yay added symbolism!).