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44) Witch’s choice!

Hmmm….. How about the fact that I don’t consider myself a witch?

Really, I don’t think I ever *truly* considered myself a witch (one retrospectively-insanely-embarrassing-“out” nonwithstanding). I’d try to identify with it. And now… it feels like a title that isn’t mine and that I don’t really need. (I barely use “pagan”, either, mostly for the convenience of ID’ing and for networking.) I know witches that OWN that motherfuckin’ title. They revel in it. And I just… don’t.

I mean, I do spells (occasionally). I serve my gods’n’spirits. I tend my land to the best of my ability. I even participate in a few strains of witchcraft, when the mood strikes or I’m asked/invited. I don’t think that being a witch is wrong or bad. It just doesn’t ring in me like it does for others. Nor does any of the variations- hedgewitch, hearth witch, kitchen witch, sea witch, feral witch. I can identify with it as a verb- go witching, be witchy, practice some fuckin’ witchery up in this bisnitch. Turn it into a noun and you lose me.

And no, I don’t have an alternative word that means the same the damn thing as “witch” but lets me be a special snowflake. (You know, for someone who loves words I don’t seem to have a drive to apply them to myself….). I just root around in the night like the prickly little hedgepig I am, disregarding the words that don’t apply to me.