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Mmmmm, tastes like deliciousness. Of course, we are talking about His Highness’s namesake drink. It would have to be delicious, just by association.

All measurements are approximate. If you don’t like the sound of something, don’t add it. I, personally, added too much syrup but I still like it. Kinda like alcoholic soda.

Honey Liquioir- The mini bottle I got was from Germany, I think. Just a splash, cause it’s strong.

St. Germain’s elderflower Liquioir- First off? AMAZING mini bottle. Looks like the Holy Tippler’s Bottle. Secondly? Tastes like spring. Stronger splash (I, uh, used half the bottle.)

Torani’s Peach and Orgeat (also known as Almond) flavored syrups– Peach is self explanatory, and Orgeat will be too, once you smell it. Go easy with these- a tablespoon of Orgeat, maybe 2 or three of Peach, depending on how much you like it. The Torani peach syrup could also be replaced with syrup from homecanned peaches, if you make such beasts. If you do, a slice of the peach flesh (sans psychoactive insect life) is a nice extra.

Taste your concoction. If the flavor mix pleases you, add some white wine. I used Arbor Mist chardonnay, supposedly flavored with peaches. (They lied. But that’s what started this particular quest for cocktails, so it turned out alright.) My final ratio was about half and half of wine to mixer stuff, but mine is too sweet anyway. Taste as you add the wine and stop when you like it. Drink with straw or spoon. A swirl mixed mine together most satisfactorily. Comes out a pretty peachy-orange color (which is lovely in my warped bloodred coffee mug.