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Today I mixed up a powder (rose petals [lots of them, but mostly from the bush behind the house, the red one that smells like heaven], mistletoe berries [crushed] and leaves [powdered], dragon’s blood, saffron [you thought it would be her hair, but it wasn’t, the wood was], red sandalwood chips [they refused to be powdered because then they wouldn’t have turned to fire], rue leaves [she is magic] and roots [from the living bush, she lives Underground too], lime tree spines [uncrushed, from Mom’s resurrecting lime tree, because this lady prickles as well]) and put it in the gin bottle. When I added the vodka it smelled divine, and gave me the clue (not a goddess, then, but one perhaps willing to teach? Does she know Himself?). I transferred it to the larger jar so it could soak up more vodka. Once everything soaks in good, I may have to top it off {for the love of little green men, don’t drink this stuff, m’kay?}

Remember to pour the liquid (barely five minutes and its already purplepinkred and delicious) back into the gin bottle when its done, and stir since I cannot shake. Look up the kyphi directions, too, since I’ll have the wet mix half-made already.

*EDIT* (a few hours later) The color has gone from the petals (so early!), and it glows goldenred. If the scent doesn’t intensify again, add the sweet, aged rosepetals from the rosebushes long gone. Goldensweettobaccorose scent is appropriate and a good remembrance for them.

Various bits so I don’t forget

-Use the mini Frangelico monks to make ushabtis

-Empty the Holy Phial for a permanent offering of the liquid to her?

-FOR FUCK’S SAKE, do a reading on this stuff soon.

-2 pounds of beeswax for kyphi and ointmenting

-You already got a bead on what’s going into the Mrs. Butterworth’s Goddess Bottle, now figure out something for the Monk God (also, get to carving her corken crown forthwith)(And paint it with gold nail polish, because everything is better with a little bling.)