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…so everyone take a deep breath, okay?

I don’t mean to be the party pooper of the bunch, but the recent spat of pagan “Darkness walks among us! The Gods are recruiting! Everyone prepare for Ragnarok/the Zombie Apocalypse!” is going beyond the realm of “Ok, I’ll buy that” and into the dark waters of WTFuckery Bay.

I don’t buy the whole “Darkness is growing” for a very simple reason- the “Light” is growing too. Think about it. Gods are reaching more people. People that don’t have a foot in the occult pond are starting to go wading. Nothing “evil” is growing. Its always been there. We’re just getting closer and closer to Things Woo-woo. Its like we (as a species) have been wandering in the dark. Those with better night vision (i.e., the mystical, the magic-minded, the diggers of roots and diviners of the way) have seen things both good and bad. Now we as a whole can start to see things because the sun is rising. We can see the monsters and the miracles. The light isn’t bad, its just showing what has always been there. We were just too blind to see.

Put it another way- everything has a cycle, yeah? So, every such and such amount of time, our world and the World of Woo swing wide from each other. Its hard to cross that gap. Some people are born able to cross the divide, others build temporary bridges out of ethnogens, meditation, hard fucking work, etc. etc. Now they’re swinging back towards each other. Crossing is easier- folks who’ve never been able to sense gods, even, are starting to get a feel (look at me. Spirit blind for what, 22 years almost? and now I have to watch what I say because I tend to get it, good or bad.) (Honest, I never even “saw” childhood invisible friends.)

But crossing works both ways. Minor annoyances (think classic faerie shenanigans- spoilt milk, broken crockery, the darting shadows at the corner of your eye and the I’M STARING AT YOU vibes) are coming more often and going for the “shiny” people who, maybe due to not needing it before or just plain forgetting, haven’t kept up house wards or protections. (Or maybe just don’t have a ward against such stuff.) You get bigger annoyances (for lack of a better term) whispering in ears, inciting stupidity, seeing just how far they can push something before it breaks (and what is bigger and more fun to break than a country? And considering most of our politicians probably have little in the way of protections against such stuff, it’d be child’s play. This is all my own private conspiracy theory, by the by. Feel free to call it crap.) You also get good things, like the lwa and orishas spreading to non-traditional folk, “faerie” teachers, and (you guessed it) gods strolling out and tapping people on the shoulders (or upside the head. Or around the knees so they can’t escape. Or tickling the ear canal until you want to take a metaphysical Q-tip to it.)

My point is, don’t let yourself get swallowed up by conspiracy group-think. I’ve been there. I’ve seen what a bad dose of “Darkness is coming! To arms, to arms!” can do. (Cliff notes version- My bestest childhood friend started to withdraw into an almost cultish group of “aethric freedom fighters” who would meet up in astral to save various things/places. They also predicted an earthquake/firestorm in 2008 that never happened. While she eventually left them, she kept drifting off into fantasy-land and eventually cut all ties with everyone she used to be friends with. This has soured me greatly on such conspiracy theories [while that was my first exposure to dangerous group-think, it wasn’t the last. It wasn’t even the most spectacular of woo-woo flavored group-think I’ve found, either, just the one that hurt the most.]) Shit is changing, yes, but not necessarily for the worse. Humans tend to focus on the bad and overlook the good. Breaking plates? Bad. Conversations with gods and the knowledge that you aren’t crazy, they’re really there and they *like* you? Kinda blows crack crockery out of the water for me.

Personally, I welcome the changes. (Even the rat-bastard misogynistic fuckers trying to pass law on what passes through my uterus. Which would you prefer- politicians quietly passing nasty shit, or verbally pissing themselves so the nation is on alert and watching their asses? If we didn’t have gay marriage rights blowing up so big, would the politicians have known that most Americans actually support it? [Mobilize, people, mobilize! We’re just as powerful as the Bastards, we just gotta try!]) We can’t continue as we were so change iswasis inevitable. It hurts to birth a new way of being but we must try, at least. Or tell those who come after *why* we let things stay broken.