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In case anybody is wondering at the posts with the same name, I’m starting up a sort of catch-all for random stuff that happens throughout the day, writing a bit about it as it happens in chronological order. I’ll probably post these about once a week, unless something better happens.

5-19-2012 ~Today I was wonked in the nose with a seed potato that did not rot. My blood dripped on the threshold of the garden, in between the onion patches and on the hose. (It was dripping very fast, from both nostrils [the left more than the right]) It also dripped on the golden tree necklace’s roots (some blood is still there)(yes yes I see, I understand, quit doubting you already. Message received loud and clear.) Bleeding stopped strangely fast, especially considering how I normally bleed from the nose. Some residual pain but no broken nose. Tightness in between eyes.

~Picked rosebuds from rose behind house, lavender leaves and buds, pomegranate petals (from fruiting tree, not the flowering one), rose petals from red bush near road, petals from red viola (both the main plant and the one that regrew from broken stem; please remember that this is post attempted-murder-of-main-pot), and miniature white rosebud from large mini rosebush. Drying on silver tray to be added to the pot [Stirred it and still smelled a bit too strongly of alcohol. Petals losing color {reminds me of wet toilet paper}, decide soon if you’re using ALL or just some of the Petal Stash. Remember, those won’t pulverize so shred ’em if you use ’em.]

~Tried to nap. Felt skeletal hands on my hips and read instead. (Nice to feel wanted, but nicer to lose let’s-try-to-bust-her-nose-with-root-vegetable-headache first.)

~While trimming recalcitrant mule, asked Baron to make it go easier and quicker so Dad could sit down. Mule only bucked once in the ropes (because foot was moved improperly) with the only casualties being Baron’s hematite ring (the replacement for the one broken and written about here) and an achy thumb (without the ring the rope could have broken it when mule jerked.) Found one piece (nearly a whole half- hopefully the mules don’t eat any other bits >.> ) and put it in Baron’s treasure box. Will look for more later. Remember to pour Baron a big glass full of rum spiked with his pepper stuff. {Note- ran out of rum, added about half a glass of vodka. Spiked liberally with the pepper stuff.} {Image of Jack Sparrow- But why is the rum gone?}

5-20-2012 ~saw $5 scratcher at gas station called “BLACK GOLD”. Made Baron grabby hands but did not have spare cash. Either get him one at Fet Ghede or as a random present during the year? (Afraid to promise that any winnings go to getting him stuff, for fear of hitting the jackpot and having to buy him a house to put his stuff in.) (Never make promises you can’t keep.) (You still have to decide how you’re naming your first kid after him, remember?)

~During the eclipse the light turned to Underground. I put out the dream so it could soak up the light and I watched the goblin grin while listening to the music. (Remember the snail shells, remember the dog’s tails, remember Manannan, remember Baron. Links on a chain you can’t see only feel.) Guidance (remember the black chickens!) is strange- for want of the egg smashing, I wouldn’t have taken a shower and wouldn’t have been ready for the eclipse. (Wanna go Underground….) Little floaty things floated, and a toad started croaking during the eclipse-proper. [Looked through the old helmet with cracks in the side- “The cracked shall let in the light.”]


5-21-2012 ~Bought Baron spiced rum with a skull pattern on the bottle. Thanks to a series of fortunate events, the price was well within my means. Saw Lucky Hand beer. Must return for it. (Had a thought- if I give Baron dollars and change and such, and occasionally consolidate that into a scratcher [definitely bought for fun, not for winning], would he like that? {Need a suitable jar for such shenanigans.}) (Still worried about promising him the proceeds and hitting the jackpot.) (Why do I worry about this shit, anyway?)

~Staring at a Lady of Grace cheapie statue I bought and trying to decide who to repaint it for- Maman or The Lady of the Stars? (Say it with me now- nail polish is our friend!)

5-22-2012 ~Stirred the Rose Goop. Added the drying stuff from the 19th (lavender was only stuff not crispy-dry). Stared at it. Added pinches of shredded rose petals from Petal Stash (tall jars only)- petals smelled like aged tobacco, heavysweet. Decide soon if you’re adding the last red rose from from new bush or drying the petals before adding it to the Goop. [I like the living symbolism, but worried about the water in the petals throwing off my Goop and starting mold.]

~realized that while gods’n’goddesses can go solo, anything else has a slight tendency to get paired up around me (Damn the Libra scales!), even if it/they do not have a relationship outside of me. [Read your damn cards, woman, and start confirming shit since you ain’t at the intuitive-spiritual-connection-level yet. Progress is good but you still need to install that spirit phone.}

5-23-2012 ~you dreamed about your friend during the night, and they made contact today.

~picked the single red rose from the front of the trailer and several rose/buds from bush behind house; set up to dry. Strained the Goop (saved solids to dry, powder, and make incense with), poured back into jar, and set up into cabinet to wait for final batch of petals [hoping it settles out into clearer {but still gorgeously colored} liquid; final straining will be through coffee papers]. Scent needs more roses but I am resisting “cheating” and pouring essential oil in it. {Bloom faster ye thorny devils!} Also, repeated deep inhalations of vodka based liquids may not have been the most intelligent thing I’ve done this week.

5-24-2012 ~read cards. Read lots of cards. Frowned at cards. Made faces at cards. Think I have a handle on the cards. Maybe. [Not Her, but me? Boy, is giving control up gonna be fun…]