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Lost several days to a reboot of my computer. Blah.

~At some point I added the rose petals to the Goop. Need to make cushion for Baron’s chair. And other stuff I have forgotten -.-

5-25-2012 ~Dreamed of snow. Woke up to HOLYFUCKINGHELLITSCOLD, with white clouds covering half the sky. [At least the wind is calmer?][Next time I read cards sooner…]

~el duende, the goblin wind. Remember, please.

5-29-2012 ~The offering fortune cookie given to the Little Grren Man? Not only jumped into my hand, but also had no fortune inside [yeah, I think he was finished with it.]

5-30-2012 ~Its the little things that line up together and near-shout “PAY ATTENTION MOFO”.

6-2-2012 ~I owe Baron and assorted spirits for helping find lost graves. Also gotta go back and scrub.

~Confirmed bee-hive in Baron’s Chateau. (I told you! Darn you not-listening graveyard persons!)

~remember where you found the three types of plums, the loquats, and the rowan (EDIT- may be true ash. Still need better identification and search for berries or flowers) in the rural graveyard. Also, willow in the Catholic graveyard.

~Kissed on the right-forehead by a yellow-jacketed wasp. (Same side as the wet kiss on the cheek last spring.) No sting, just a small kiss.

~Use #3892 for silverplate tea service stuff- a covered butter dish holds a Little Debbie fudge cake quite happily. [Hey, it was chocolate, I owed Baron, and anything uncovered gets eaten by ants or mice.] Also need to give Baron his thank-you rum.