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6-4-2012 ~So many books and good coincidences, and more secrets learned [defanging secrets is a good practice, I’ve found.]

6-5-2012 ~I Ching before appointment was accurate [What will the doctor say today?] [How much you wanna bet you’re gonna lose the tonsils, hmmm?]

~Strained Goop through mesh strainer, set up paper filter to drip overnight [dipped out a ladle-full to go on altar], wore smear of it on forehead to bed

6-6-2012 ~Mmmm, the joys of Venus.

~changed filters on the Goop to get the last little bit to go through. Debating straining the ladle-full from altar into the general batch.

~Left the glass-full on altar. Bottled majority of (crystalclear bloodred) Goop into gin bottle; remainder in white-capped brown glass bottle in fridge [note to self- invest in ritual funnels]. Alcohol-based holy fluid hurts when accidentally spread onto open cut.

~PLEASE NOTE that Venus did her Thang with the sun yesterday, and that all this rosy stuff conglomerated just in time for it.

6-9-2012 ~Purchased chocolate cigar for Baron; put it in his little stone coffinbox. Starting the rum tonight [Thank you for services rendered on behalf of a friend.]

6-11-2012 ~Ok, I bought it for you, now what do I do with it? O.o Do I dare use it, or should I just keep it as a pretty? [Note- scritched it for him, found nothing. Ah well, better luck next time my dear. Since it’s his I think I shall burn it and add the ashes to his dirt that I really should get started making someday soon. {This requires graveyarding!}]

~washed myself clean of impurities; anointed with holy water, pepper rum, blood thickened on the altar for five days [it blooms like scarlet sin], red red water, and a generous splash of Snow’s Florida water [need to find the commercial stuff and compare; if I like homebrew better I’m going to have to hunt down a recipe and start tweaking -.- ] all mixed together and poured all over. My eyes are clearer and my lips tingle.

~rosemary as part of mix for graveyard offering fluid? [You are remembered, long after I am dead and gone. You are remembered.]

~note to self- start pondering how you’re going to make some holy washes for everybody [what goes in where and so on and so forth]

6-14-2012 ~Why hello J.C., fancy meeting you here. I think I’ll put you up there next to Our Lady of Grace until I get some more space and finish your lovely lovely book. [Baron I see your fingerbones all over this one. Thank you for making introductions, m’dear ❤ ;)]

~Hand felt naked for the last time. Caved and bought a new one. Hopefully it lives longer than the last.

6-15-2012 ~Frothing rage down to a low boil. Liar. Liar. FUCKING LIAR. And this the third time, too. [Note- the irony. It buuuuuurns.]

~Note to self- never drink more than a shot with Baron because any rum he gets his hands on burns in a warm wave out every hole on your face (including eyes o.O ) and in a line down your chest, even when it is straight from the bottle and unmixed with the Pepper Death.