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6-16-2012 ~Strange dreams. Bears (black and grizzly), a plethora of goats, two pigs (one friendly spotted, one with Predator-like mandibles O.o ), a buffalo, a bobcat, all trying to get in the front gate (bobcat and black bear spotted first- “Holy sheeeeeyit, closethegateclosethegateclosetheGATE!”) which was all accordian-y and floated in the air- managed to get the center shut and locked but the ends were stop-gapped with plyboard. Dad running through with gun yelling to keep ’em pinned so he can shoot (yeah, I’ll keep them pinned with a flimsy sheet of particle board! Great idea dad! Oh shit GRIZZLY!!!!), strange goats flooding the place (ooo, a ram! and some pretty babies! Just let those in! And the pig- er, maybe the one without the crabface? Awesome!). And then the meat eaters realized that they could just go around the board….

~More strange dreams. Living on some sort of space ship, I think, and I’m a male, engineered bio-robot sort of thing specifically designed to eat the small representations of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that cropped up (I got to fly. Was awesome.) If these mini-evils were allowed to procreate, they’d buff up into a super evil that others saw as a woman but I saw as a dot with bands around it (think old-school atom models). Once everybody found out I wasn’t human they didn’t like me but couldn’t kick me out because then they would die. Oh, and there was an entire wing of the ship-place filled with water.

~Even more strange dreams. Somewhere in between and around those two I was the beloved of the Goblin King (in space, no less) (It wasn’t actually me but I was riding the girl in question), and did something to royally piss him off. I ~think~ he had hurt me somehow first, so I put on a show and sang some sort of song about him that painted him in a less than stellar light. Not certain. But it was fun when he wasn’t unholy pissed at me. (Small figurines were also involved. I had made one of him and a bunch of other people, including two that were walrus-y Molochs. Painted but unfired so they kept chipping.)

~Verdict? No more rum before bed. It does weeeeeird shit.

~You have a tick on your dog and the vaseline trick isn’t working, but you don’t do cigarettes? Go get a piece of stick incense and burn that sucker. Works a treat, though the smell of singed dog hair, burnt tick, and Nag Champa was a wee bit strange XD

6-17-2012 ~Mom had weird dreams too, same night as my Space Voyage Con Animal Planet. Apparently I should avoid slender black and white not quite serpent or eel looking things next time I play in a ditch. Duly noted.

6-18-2012 ~moved preying mantis to rosebushes (so cute!)

~went to scrub gravestones in early afternoon. Started with great-grandma. Turned it from rust colored ick to granite. Scrubbed her neighbor since she needed it too. Rinsed clean of vinegar, then final-rinsed with specially scented water. Repeated with grandmother and her neighbor (saw little red-eyed jumping spider. Went awwww!). Repeated with child-uncle (some stole his broken urn since the last time. Fuckers.) Shared his sweet-scented water with other children in his row. (I’m guessing they all play together, so why not?) {Not forgotten, my loves, not forgotten. Cleaned and nourished with fresh clean water and cleansing wash and protected under the auspices of Baron and of me.}


6-20-2012 ~toasted Sylv with the last of the spiced rum. [I miss you dearheart. I miss you so much.] Happy fucking solstice, right? (Y’know, for once I would be perfectly happy to not have the symbolism be heartbreakingly accurate, ok?)

6-21-2012 ~Hmm. I dreamed I had sex with a moth (as a moth) last night.

~I tried. For good or ill, I tried. Now to see how the bones will fall…

6-22-2012 ~went for walk. Tried several times to dig for wild morning glory roots. Failed (2 feet down and no signs?! No wonder they’re expensive!). Boyfriend warned about jimsonweed. Still lopped it off. Found what looked like a spined pot plant. Identified as Xanthium spinosum, Spiny Clot-Bur (NOT burdock).

~Tried to light match to light candles with. Refused to light. Finally lit, only to have the head break off mid-strike and fly 5 feet away to inflame my couch. Am really really hoping that it was just a one in a million shot and not a sign that someone/something is highly pissed at me.

6-23-2012 ~Last night I lit 3 sticks of mini-incense. One for a specific purpose, one for “everyone” in general, one for whomever I pissed off. First one burnt like normal. Other two refused. Moved them down to bedroom. Second burned well on His altar (need to get lighters again.) Third refused until boyfriend used his Zippo (that blew out before we could get it to light the first time). Set it up to finish burning. Woke up and it was STILL NOT FINISHED. I lit it with his Zippo and it finally finished.

6-24-2012 ~I think I wanna be a trollwife.